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About Northpoint Denver

Northpoint Denver, a member of the Northpoint family of treatment centers, delivers an extensive range of integrated behavioral healthcare services across the United States. At our Denver facility, we offer comprehensive outpatient treatment options for adults dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues, alongside dedicated behavioral health programs for teens. If you’re seeking assistance for yourself, a loved one, or a patient, we encourage you to reach out. Our compassionate team is committed to saving lives and repairing relationships. Discover more about Northpoint Denver’s mental health and addiction treatment center and embark on your path to recovery by connecting with us today at 888.315.3998.  

Our Mission

Since our founding in 2015, we have grown significantly, now offering a comprehensive suite of mental health and adolescent services across four states, encompassing fifteen facilities, with plans for continued expansion. At the heart of our operations, like any leading company, lies a commitment to regular evaluation and alignment of our practices with our core values and mission. This dedication ensures we meet the diverse needs of our patients, spanning physical health, mental health, and addiction recovery. Central to our ethos, the Northpoint Core Values and Purpose underpin every aspect of our work. From the outset, our treatment philosophy has been rooted in aiming for our patients to be free from dependency on habit-forming medications upon discharge. Historically, our activities have been defined in the following way: 

“We deliver a safe, supportive environment for abstinence-based treatment of addiction and improved mental health.” 

To adopt the most evidence-based approach, our strategy revolves around leveraging the expertise of our interdisciplinary team. This team, comprising medical and psychiatric providers, nurses, clinicians, and supportive staff, is dedicated to comprehensively understanding the unique needs of our patients. We are also committed to complying with state legislative mandates that affect treatment plans, discharge options, and risk assessments. 

In our quest to eliminate misunderstandings or confusion, we emphasize the importance of transparency in our efforts to embrace medication-assisted treatments when suitable. The abundance of evidence supporting the effectiveness of these approaches is undeniable. However, this expansion of our treatment philosophy should not be misconstrued as a shift towards operating as a Suboxone clinic, a pain management facility, or any other entity that might necessitate using potentially controversial medications for reasons not closely aligned with our core mission. 

We aim to provide safe, highly personalized care, ensuring we act in the best interest of every patient. This means implementing what is proven to work adhering to our principle of delivering exceptional and conscientious patient care. We are advancing with a more polished and precise explanation of our activities as follows: 

“We deliver a safe, supportive environment for recovery from addiction and improved mental health.”  

Northpoint’s Story

Who We Are

Northpoint was established by a tight-knit group of people in recovery, who each experienced a downward spiral as they struggled with substance addiction. There was a moment for every one of them when feelings of shame, isolation, or despair prevailed, signaling that they had reached their lowest point. 

Like many others, they were led to believe that their addiction stemmed from a lack of willpower or self-control. Thankfully, they were introduced to specialists and support groups that shifted their perspectives. These resources encouraged them to look beyond their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol and to confront the underlying psychological factors fueling their addictions. 

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of their journey toward recovery, laying the groundwork for Northpoint’s treatment philosophy.  

Today, they stand as a powerful testament to the possibility of leading sober, healthy lives filled with joy. They recognize their immense luck in overcoming addiction and are committed to offering support and hope to others battling similar challenges. Since its inception in Boise, Idaho, in 2009, Northpoint has broadened its presence to include locations in Washington, Nebraska, and Colorado, culminating in the opening of Northpoint Denver in 2024.  

We are all here for the same reason…to provide quality care to those seeking help. It has always been the top priority of Northpoint since I have been employed here, which is why I stick around. Saving lives and restoring relationships is embedded in our work, that means a great deal to me, and I know it does to the teams I get to work alongside as well.
Erica Lopez, Executive Vice President, Operations

Inpatient, PHP & IOP

Northpoint’s Programs

We provide in-house treatment for:

Our holistic treatment strategy ensures that we tackle not just the physical symptoms of addiction but also its root causes and any associated mental health conditions that might exacerbate substance use issues. By tailoring addiction treatment plans to each patient, we equip them with the essential tools for achieving enduring and significant sobriety.

woman discussing outpatient treatment program

Outpatient: PHP & IOP

Our outpatient services feature two critical programs: a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Crafted with your busy life in mind, these programs fit around your work schedule, educational commitments, and other personal obligations. Instead of an inpatient stay, you can reside at home and visit our facility for 10 to 30 hours weekly, engaging in group and individual therapy sessions. These programs are especially suited for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addictions, offering a structured yet flexible pa th to recovery.


Northpoint Denver Facility

Located in Colorado, our state-of-the-art outpatient mental health and addiction treatment center at Northpoint Denver has the latest medical technology. Renowned for our clinical excellence and commitment to healthcare quality, we stand at the forefront of modern medical care. At Northpoint Denver, patients can: 

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Contact Us

The Northpoint Denver team is here to help every step of the way on the journey to recovery. When you reach out for a free, confidential assessment, we can help you access the care you need to heal. By giving our team a call, you can:

Call us at 888.315.3998 or reach out online today to get started.

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